Netflix Dirty Money series. Anyone else watching?

Netflix Dirty Money series. Anyone else watching?

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I thought it absolutely was a good episode as well. We have for ages been regarding the viewpoint that payday financing ended up being sleazy as fuck. Its predatory financing particularly focusing on the indegent. Scott Tucker personified the slimy snake we all envision near the top of an enterprise like this. Wife fur that is wearing, whimpering on how the FBI is “ruining their everyday lives” wheeling activities automobiles out of that douches mansion. The attitude that every known people in the Tucker camp had for the episode had been nauseating. Bad fella, if he is having difficulty ends that are making from then on 1.3 billion buck settlement perhaps he is able to run right down to fast cash plus and obtain an advance at 400per cent.

Yeah, it is got by me. Like we said, if he had beenn’t a fancy jeans competition automobile motorist along with his mansion and Ferraris, would the FBI went after him as difficult as they did? Would he be a documentary now? I wonder if there’d have been a difference if he bought a cheap race car, lived in a sensible house, and put the rest of the money in a nice index fund?

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