All the BiCons since 1995 happen held at college venues in their summer time holiday breaks.

All the BiCons since 1995 happen held at college venues in their summer time holiday breaks.

Where is BiCon? BiCon happens to be held in a part that is different of British every year since 1984. Each is organised by way of a team that is different of from the past one. Every one of the BiCons since 1995 have already been held at college venues throughout their summer time breaks.

It doesn’t suggest it reflects that these tend to allow self catering many attendees have some dietary needs that make a catered event difficult to organise and are cheaper than booking an entire hotel for a long weekend that you need any educational qualifications to come, but.

What goes on during BiCon?

The week-end frequently operates from Thursday right through to Sunday, but that may differ. You will find conversation teams and sessions within the daytime, social areas and activity at night. You are able to attend as much or as small of BiCon you don’t have to be there for the whole thing as you like. The Saturday constantly has the absolute most attendees.

Some talks cover bi relevant themes, for instance being released or our experiences regarding the lesbian and gay communities, and you will find frequently lots having a name like “Bisexuality and X”. Other subjects have actually ranged from parenting to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Some sessions are action more than talk: e.g. in previous years belly dancing, indication language and massage. Some are imaginative and some are simple ridiculous, such as the “Live Action Space Invaders” that happened twelve months.

Each night there is a club and space that is social often with performers or a disco, plus peaceful area for board games or just chilling down. Often there is a “BiCon Ball”, one night for individuals who prefer to liven up ( although you do not have to!) and lots of other indoor and outside tasks.

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